Networking & WiFi

Networks are today's and the future's of everything.

Several network type are available according to the needs of each job.

Our home WiFi products, make your WiFi covers you whole apartment with the highest speed and the most stable connection to your main router/modem.

While the industrial WiFi will handle the data transfer rate upon your request to any other site you choose. Point-to-point links, has a capacity of a minimum 25 MBPS, with a distance range that can reach up to 60 kilometers with a line of site availability, while microwave point-to-point links can handle a capacity up to 1.5 GBPS.

Stop pay monthly fees for transferring your data with a small rate limits and connect your business branches, while you can pay once, and own your links and antennas.

Please do not hesitate to contact our experts for any consultancies you might need to know.