Surveillance Cameras


With technology progressing forward, it was only a matter of time until ultra HD security cameras could become a budget-accessible surveillance solution - and now they are! 4K Surveillance Systems provide some of the sharpest security around. These cameras provide super clear video from 8MP to 12MP chips. These resolutions will pack more detail into the shots than anything we have seen before. Did you think 1080p was high? Try 3840x2160! The 4K surveillance system include a 4K-compatible recorder with H.265 encoding for efficient storage.

4K is no longer just a fancy technology, it's the standard of the future.

Dahua, it is the best brand of security systems.

It rank is 2 over thousands of brands world wide, Dahua doesn't only produce cameras, but also it produce tens of AV and IP products, like video phones, time attendance machines, access control products, HDCVI cameras, Alarms and much more... 

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